Worry free Construction

We take the pressure off your plate and let you focus on what you do

  • Technology

    Many constractors are stuck in the past. We know because we used to be one of them. But, now, we use modern technology to better manage projects, communicate with vendors and customers to make sure that the project can be completed as quickly and cost effective as possible.

  • Communication

    Construction projects are a massive decision that impacts people's livelihoods and, generally, people do not know anything about the industry. We understand that it can cause a lot of stress so we do our best to communicate often and simply so our customer can rest easily.

  • Relationships

    Finding a good contractor is hard. So is finding fair and reasonable customer. We understand thats why some customers do not like sharing thair contractors. Same reason why we don't like sharing our customers. So we focus on building a strong relationship with our customers and do not mind if they keep us to themselves. We get it.

Kitchen Remodel

Focus on where you add the most value, we'll worry about the construction.

Construction is not your thing or you wouldn't be here. It's ours. We do everything we can to make the process easy for you so you can focus on your goals.

  • Over Communicate

  • Technology Driven

  • Partner Mindset

Our Services

Stairs in office

Tenant Improvements

We can help design, build, and maintain your facility to make sure you can get and stay in business.

Kitchen with vase


You have a dream, we can help bring it to life!


Real Estate Investors

We know real estate investors because we are investors as well.

Three Simple Steps

  • 1
    Schedule a consultation

    One of our awesome project manager's well help bring your vision into a plan.

  • 2
    Receive a Proposal

    We'll put together a sweet game plan on how to bring your vision to life.

  • 3
    We'll handle the rest

    If you decide to partner with us, we'll handle the rest while you can do whatever you'd like.


Join people just like you who trust Mark Allan Contracting with their construction needs.

Papa Johns
Bar Top

We are here to help business get up and running, and stay there.

Construction is not where you add value. You add value running your business, putting more deals together, keeping more customers happy and spending more time with your family. We, however, do construction. We'll make sure you rest during your project.

Call today to schedule your construction consultaton

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